Pandemic Spending Habits: Home and Pet Industries See Big Change

Many Americans have spent more money on home luxuries in the past year than ever before. This shift in spending occurred without surprise as people started to spend more time at home. Meanwhile, more time at home meant that more furry friends could be added to homes. So, it’s not shocking that disposable income has been put towards homes and home goods. This even includes pet products like luxury dog and cat furniture!

Dog and Cat Furniture purchases on the rise

Home Buying is On The Rise

More Money Is Being Spent On Home Renovations

More Time At Home = More Pets

Half of the people surveyed also stated loneliness as their reason for bringing home a pet. Shelters have seen an uptick in traffic as well. The search terms “rescue dogs” and “shelter dogs” hit an all-time traffic high early on in the pandemic. The search terms have even continued to stay above their normal five-year averages since then. It’s not surprising then that people adopted pets more than they bought them. Shelters and rescue groups comprised 37% of cat and dog acquisitions, while breeders accounted for roughly 20%.

Pet Pampering Is On the Rise

On average, people are spending $200 per person on their pets each month. This is an increase of about 23% from August 2019. More households are choosing to have pets in the home possibly instead of having children. This creates a wider market for pet services as these owners end up having more disposable income. Wanting happy and healthy pets is high on everyone’s wish list. Thus, food and dog and cat furniture businesses have seen a huge increase in sales in recent years, and it’s only expected to continue to increase.

Luxury Furniture Sales For Both Humans And Pets Have Increased

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Spending On Homes And Pets Will Continue

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